Fruit Update


There are many apple trees on the site. The trees do not look overly healthy and are quite stunted in their growth considering how long they have been in the ground. It is heartening to see however that most are flowering and many have an apple growing on them. There is hope for them.


This tree is right on the end near the locquat tree. It also has fruit. It is in bad need of a trim but that can wait till next year now so as not to disturb the fruit


The tree had a great crop of fruit in September. Unfortunately, they ripened while the school was in lockdown de to the asbestos removal, so only the birds got them.


There are two nectarine trees. One to the left of the entrance gate and one on the west side near the big tree. They both have fruit on them. The one on the west has been netted.


The vine on the west fence has a lot of very plump looking passionfruit. They are still a few weeks away from ripening but they look promising.


There is at least two plum trees and they both have fruit. One is a light green colour and the other has some purple colouring and I am guessing it might be a Satsuma but am not sure yet.


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